Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018

What comes next is the future – Microsoft Prognosis 2018

The new year just started. Highest time to look at what 2018 will bring our way in the Microsoft ecosystem
This article covers:
  • Hot topics and trends 2018
  • Trend topics around collaboration and communication
  • Teams will replace SharePoint as frontend in many places
  • The renaissance of email
  • AI, Machine Learning & Bots
  • Is Hybrid the new on-prem?
  • It has never been easier and more economical to integrate external users
  • GDPR is coming
  • Office 365, Dynamics 365, Bing for Business, LinkedIn and where else the journey is heading
Download the English version of the article for free: LINK

Das Jahr 2018 ist bereits einige Tage alt. Höchste Zeit, sich anzuschauen, was es im Microsoft Ökosystem tut.
  • Hot Topics und Trends 2018
  • Trendthemen rund um Kollaboration und Kommunikation
  • Teams wird SharePoint als Frontend an vielen Stellen ablösen
  • Renaissance der Email
  • AI, Mashine Learning & Bots
  • Ist das Hybrid das neue on-prem?
  • Nie war es einfacher und kostengünstiger Externe zu integrieren
  • Die DSGVO kommt
  • Office 365, Dynamics 365, Bing for Business, Linked und wohin die Reise noch gehen wird

Kostenloser Download der Deutschen Version des Artikels: LINK
(Eine online Version des Artikels gibt es auch hier: Teil1 | Teil 2)

Dienstag, 2. Januar 2018

Some insides about the new App Launcher in Office 365

Microsoft released a new Office 365 App Launcher version (version 3). Beside a massive experience change Microsoft also changes some stuff in the backend.

All info about the new experience can be found in this Microsoft post: New Office 365 app launcher and help you be more productive on the web

The “old” App Launcher needs an Exchange Online subscription for each user to let a user personalize his App Launcher. This was because of the App launcher settings are stored in the user mailbox. The settings are located in the PR_ROAMING_DICTIONARY property of the IPM.Configuration.Suite.Storage at the root folder of the mailbox. All this is based on JSON. The settings are located in Suite/AppsCustomizationDataTEST value and the property is called PinnedApps.

Scott Bueffe posted a detail description about this here: How to pin custom app tiles on behalf of your users in Office 365

With the new version Microsoft changed the way this information is stored. It is no longer located in a user’s Exchange Mailbox. Actually, we do not have any documentation about where the settings are stored now.

In fact, a user did not longer need an Exchange Online mailbox to customize the default Apps in his App Launcher.