Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Unable to reactivate Yammer user in external network

A user with login was first only using a external Yammer network. Let’s call it network. Than the company of the user created an own Yammer enterprise network. Let’s call it The, The user is now also joing the Yammer network of its company. The Yammer network with the DNS suffix became now automatically the primary network for the user because of the domain suffix for his login and of the Yammer network are the same.
The user now was disabled in the external network and could not be reactivated.
Solution: unchecked the option: “Require admin approval for members to join other companies' external networks.”
Only available in Yammer enterprise networks

The user could join the external network in the past because of he did that before the his now primary network with this policy enabled was created.