Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2018

A quick guide to secure Office 365 - UPDATE

Microsoft is investing a lot in security & compliance. At the end it is a complex story to figure out which feature and which license is needed to fulfill your security & compliance needs.

“A quick guide to secure Office 365” is a Whitepaper based on simple tiers like Default, Medium, High and Very High. The matrix shows the usability impact and the needed licenses to setup the different scenarios.

You get a clear overview about the options and the impact of each scenario. In addition, the Whitepaper gives you an overview of Microsoft technologies and features to secure your Office 365 tenant. Covered technologies are Office 365 Secure Score, Cloud App Security, Intune & Office 365 MDM, Azure AD Premium features, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection & Office 365 Threat Intelligence and the Security & Compliance Reports.

Here you can download the complete Whitepaper:

Watch this video of my session at Microsoft Ignite 2018 about “How to deal with external sharing” covering most if the topics in the Whitepaper:

Here you can download a Sketchnote by Luise Freese based on my session at Ignite 2018 also covering these topics: LINK

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