Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018

Usage Report, AIP Scanner UI and Data Discovery for Azure Information Protection

Microsoft is enrolling new Azure Information Protection features and a new AIP scanner UI including status of the scanner machine and some statistics like scan rate, version etc.

AIP scanner UI

This new scanner UI feature will include the capability to start the scan on the remote scanner without a need to login to the scanner machine.
We can access this new preview feature using this link: https://portal.azure.com/?Scanner=true#blade/Microsoft_Azure_InformationProtection/DataClassGroupEditBlade/scannerNodesBlade
Latest GA or public preview version of AIP Client is needed in order to see your scanner machines connected to the Azure portal and be able to manage them.

Usage Report

AIP Usage report is showing labels, protected item count and users & computers who are interacting with AIP. We will also get an overview about used labels and about used clients to label content.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery is showing an overview about used Labels, detected Information Types, locations,
labeled and protected files etc.

Usage Report and Data Discovery are based on Azure Log Analytics.

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