Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

Experts Inside South Africa Event

Experts Inside South Africa invites you to an an exclusive event to showcase and discuss some of the latest offerings from Microsoft in the Office 365 and Hybrid ecosystems. We’ll be looking at some of the newest and most exciting Office 365 product, Teams, as well as practical guidance to better managing and levering experiences in Delve, Search, the Office Graph and more.

These sessions will be presented by two of Expert Inside’s principle consultants and MVPs, Hilton Giesenow (South Africa) and Nicki Borell (Germany). We look forward to seeing you there! 

Enterprise Search

Many excellent blog posts, interviews and videos about SharePoint and Office 365 search, Delve and Office Graph certainly
exist. This session differs by showing real-world customer scenarios and solutions including the user stories, end-user and
decision maker perspectives and how Delve formed the primary component of an Office 35-based global Intranet. Topics
include data security and privacy aspects and concerns. 

Microsoft Teams

Nearly 2 decades of enterprise social and collaboration technologies from Microsoft have resulted in what looks to be the
company’s most powerful, intuitive, integrated and mobile-capable toolset. Only just in it’s first release (Nov 216) it already
rivals market leaders like Slack, even surpassing it in some areas. Is this the Slack killer some claim? Will it replace Yammer
altogether? In this session we’ll see how Teams works and address and discuss these and other topics.

PnP Partner Pack – Microsoft’s Free Provisioning, Branding and Governance Toolset

The Office 365 Patterns and Practices team comprises experts from around the globe, both within and external to Microsoft,
who provide guidance, tools, libraries and scripts to better provision and maintain Office 365 and on premises SharePoint
sites, lists, libraries and more. One of their recent projects, the PnP Partner Pack, packages many of these existing solutions
into a free turnkey solution to manage provisioning, managing, maintaining and governing solutions, branding, responsive 
design and other elements across SharePoint, Groups, Yammer and other Office 365 workloads. This session examines 
aspects these and other aspects like like self service site creation, site templates and governance automation.