Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

The Mobile and Intelligent Intranet

Post is based on video „The Mobile and Intelligent Intranet: SharePoint sites and PowerApps” from Microsoft Mechanics @ YouTube:

Microsoft SharePoint team plans to transform intranets into a mobile and intelligence powered experience. That means to combines the productivity of SharePoint team sites, the broadcast reach of publishing sites and portals, and the seamless integration of business apps. The goal is to find and access content from everywhere and on any device.
Learn about the new features and functions in this blogpost:


                    New mobile App
                    New SharePoint home in the App Launcher
                    New TeamSite UI powered by the Office Graph
                    Groups getting the full power of TeamSites
                    Updates to DocLibs and List
                    New Page creation with fluid and responsive authoring experience
                    PowerApps and Flow

Watch the Overview video:

SharePoint mobile App

                    Home Tab
o   Focused on News
o   Build on the Office Graph
o   Containing News from TeamSites, Blogs, etc.
                    Links Tab
o   Important Links like in „SharePoint“ tab in the App Launcher
                    Sites Tab
o   Build on the Office Graph
o   Frequently Tab
§  List of sites a user is using most often
o   Following Tab
§  My followed sites
o   Open a TeamSite from the mobile App
§  Focusing on NEWS (published by TeamSite owner) and ACTIVITY (build on the Office Graph)
§  Access the navigation / content of the sites
                    People Tab
o   Build on the Office Graph
o   Search for people
o   „Work With“ & „Work on“ information per person

Watch the SharePoint mobile App video:

SharePoint home

                    Card based design with preview of the sites
                    List of sites you follow
o   Same sites as you see in the mobile App
o   Based on the Office Graph
o   Same sites as you see in the mobile App
                    Create a new site
o   New dialog based process
§  TeamSite = content centric place for teams with DocBibs, List and Libraries
§  Publishing = for publish and broadcast content
                    Answering some simple questions
                    A Group is also created for the TeamSite to store conversations, using Planer etc.
                    Set policies and compliance rules
                    Set members for the new TeamSite

Watch the SharePoint home video:

The new TeamSite experience

                    UI can be fully customized
                    Every TeamSite is connected to an O365 Group
                    Group Member are shown directly on the landing page
                    „Go to Outlook“ link to see the Group conversations
                    News (same as on mobile App)
o   Can be configured by TeamSite members
                    Activity (same as on mobile App)
o   Build on the Office Graph

Watch the new TeamSite experience video:

Next generation Document Library

                    New UX
                    Basic actions like NEW, UPLOAD, SHARE direct on top
                    New visualization
                    Search box on top left corner
                    New LINK function to direct link videos or recent documents into a library
                    New for Power User
o   Content types and templates still available
o   Easy add news columns
o   New INFORMATION PANNEL to see and edit metadata
                    New filter, slice & dice UX
                    New pinning function
                    MOVE and COPY function
                    Custom toolbar actions still available
                    Document library can still be added as a Webpart to sites

Watch the next gen. Doc Lib video:

Modern pages and authoring experience

                    New page editing canvas which is ootb responsive
                    Background images are automatically formatted
                    Rich text editor for text
                    Embed documents based on WebApps
                    New Webparts based on PowerBI & the Office Graph
                    Group conversation Webpart
                    Can direct be used in the SharePoint mobile App

Watch the page and authoring video:

New SharePoint List experience

                    UX is similar to Document library
o   integrated in SharePoint Lists and also in Document libraries
o   Connect external content and information to SharePoint
o   Build workflows & business processes in SharePoint
o   integrated in SharePoint Lists and also in Document libraries
o   Can be used in a list as a view or as a Webpart on a page
o   Integrated with SharePoint mobile App

Watch the SharePoint Lists experience video:


Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

Samstag, 5. September 2015

SharePoint 2016 BETA Search – a first look under the hood

PowerShell for SharePoint Search

Installing and configuration using PowerShell works similar to SharePoint 2013. You can use the same cmdlets and scripts as in SharePoint 2013.
Even if you not created a Cloud SSA as part of “Cloud Hybrid Search Preview for SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016” cloud and hybrid topics can be found everywhere.
For example I checked some new parameter within Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication:
$sa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication
$sa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication
There is also another interesting information when we have a detailed look at the search topology. As you can see for every component we have a status information “ExperimentalComponent”. This can give us an information whether “Cloud Hybrid Search Preview for SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016” is configured or not.

SharePoint 2016 BETA Ceres – a first look

The Ceres shell is:

  • -          a set of PowerShell cmdlets.
  • -          It allow to control the internal workings of SharePoint Server search.
  • -          It is taken over from the FAST search engine
  • -          We can use it to tweak the search engine inner working
  • -          modifying the settings can completely crash SharePoint Search
  • -          it is part of SharePoint since SharePoint 2013
Manipulations are not for production use, nor supported by Microsoft – but, it can get us a better understanding of what is going on under the hood. If you are interested in further information about the Ceres have a look here: SharePoint 2013 Search internals: The Ceres shell.

Bevor we can use the cmdlets we need to set up PowerShell and connect to the Ceres:
  • cd "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\16.0\Search\Scripts\"
  • .\ceresshell.ps1
  • Connect-System –Uri (Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication).SystemManagerLocations[0] -ServiceIdentity (Get-SPEnterpriseSearchService).ProcessIdentity
  • Connect-Engine
  • Connect-AnalysisEngine -NodeName AdminComponent1

To get an overview of all available cmdlets use this:
Get-Command -Module analysisenginepssnapin
Comparing this overview to SharePoint 2013 we see new commands:
  • -           Get-AnalysisEngineIsPaused
  • -           Get-AnalysisEngineWorker
  • -           Register-Analysis
  • -           Unregister-Analysis

Actually no further information or documentation is available for this new cmdlets.
Using the get-analysis cmdlet we get an overview for all Analytics component SearchAnalytics, UsageAnalytics and SearchReports. If you are interested in further information about the Analytics components in SharePoint 2013 have a look here: PowerShell for SharePoint 2013 Analytics Feature
In SharePoint 2016 BETA we have a new Analytics component called “LinksStoreInput”
This new component also results in a new subfolder within the Office Server Analytics directory:
Actually no further information or documentation is available about this new component. Based on the name we only can suppose what it is doing.


Get-flow is about the definition of “what” is happening in the Search internals. Manipulations are not for production use, nor supported by Microsoft. The Content Enrichment Web Service is the primary documented and supported mechanism for implementing "custom" processing logic in SharePoint Search – but, it can get us a better understanding of what is going on under the hood and what is new in SharePoint 2016 Search.
Using the get-flow cmdlet results in an overview showing all flows.
In SharePoint 2016 BETA the following FLOWS are new:
-           Microsoft.ContentPushFlow
-           Microsoft.ContentPushHybridFlow
-           Microsoft.ConversationalLatencyFlow
-           Microsoft.PropertyRetrievalSearchFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsBuzzFeederFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsBuzzInputFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsBuzzImportFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsBuzzOutputFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsExternalContentMapFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsExternalContentPushFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsFollowsImportFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsFollowsInputFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsGraphIndexFeederFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsInFeedInputFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsTagsImportFlow
-           Microsoft.SearchAnalyticsTagsInputFlow
-           Microsoft.SignalStoreInputFlow
-           Microsoft.UsageAnalyticsImportFlow
-           Microsoft.DocumentPreviewMetadataFeederFlow
-           Microsoft.PeopleSuggestionDictionaryDeploymentFlow
-           Microsoft.QueryCompletionPeopleOutputFlow
-           Microsoft.QueryCompletionPersonalizedQueryLogsOutputFlow
-           Microsoft.QueryCompletionPreFetchOutputFlow
-           Microsoft.QueryCompletionQueryLogsInputFlow
-           Microsoft.QueryCompletionQueryLogsOutputFlow
-           Microsoft.CrawlerPropertyReportingSubFlow
-           Microsoft.CrawlerSecurityInsertHybridSubFlow
-           Microsoft.ExplorerFlow
-           Microsoft.GraphSearchProviderFlow
-           Microsoft.QuerySuggestionsQueryLogsFlow
-           Microsoft.DeleteTenantFromIndexSystemFlow
-           Microsoft.IndexingSubFlow
-           Microsoft.DataLossPreventionSubFlow

This can give us an overview of what has changed and what is new in SharePoint 2016 Search. So the main topics based on this get-flow list are:
  • -          Content Push
  • -          External Content Push
  • -          Graph Index Feeder
  • -          Graph Search Provider
  • -          Signal Store Input Flow
  • -          Crawler Security Insert Hybrid Flow
  • -          Data Loss Prevention

If you interested in a deeper look in what’s going on in a flow you can use this cmdlet:
get-flow %flow name%


Cloud-awareness can be found everywhere in SharePoint 2016 Search, even if no Cloud SSA is configured.
New features in SharePoint 2016 Search will be:
  • -          Content Push
  • -          External Content Push
  • -          Office Graph interactions
  • -          Hybrid Crawler
  • -          Data Loss Prevention support