Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2020

New Unified Labeling AIP client

The AIP Team announced details about the new Unified Labeling AIP client
A new public preview version is available:
There are a couple of new things in this version:
  • Dynamic content marking
  • Per app content making
  • Offline policy support
  • Protection removal for pst, msg and archive files

But still some to-dos left on to close the gaps between classic and UL client
  • Event log support. This is planned for Q2 2020
  • HYOK – customers using HYOK can contact Microsoft Support to join the private preview for new HYOK release.
  • New flow will be released later this year to enable end users to revoke protected documents and admins to track protected documents.
All the new features are shipped in Unified Labeling client only:
  • Improvements for migrations from 3rd party labeling solutions to MIP
  • Scanner improvements
    • Easier SharePoint on-premises and subsite discovery. Setting each specific site is no longer required.
    • Optimizations or SQL DB used by the scanner
    • Ability to stop scans

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