Dienstag, 3. Juli 2018

Me and the Microsoft Awards

The Microsoft MVP Award is given on a yearly based to people who are engaged in technology and community. MVPs are independent from Microsoft but they play an important role in explaining and improving the use of Microsoft products and technologies. In 1993 Microsoft introduced the MVP Award. All starts with about 30 people. Today there are more than 3000 MVPs worldwide. You can get more details about the MVP Award here: https://mvp.microsoft.com/

Since 2013 I am an MVP. I start with being an MVP for SharePoint and since the last reorganization I am an MVP for Office Server and Services. Being an MVP means meeting great people all over the world in the community sharing the same passionate about technology and helping others. You cannot buy the MVP award or download braindumps to get it. You get it by working hard and earning the respect of the community and Microsoft.

Since 2018 I am a Microsoft Reginal Director, too. The program is established also in 1993 and is about 150 people word wide. Neither an MVP or a Reginal Director is an Microsoft employee. The difference between the MVP and Regional Director program is that the MVP program is more focused on communities - Regional Directors are more focused on evangelizing the business. Of course, there are more differences in detail. But from my perspective this is one of the most significant. For more details about the Reginal Direct Programm see this page: https://rd.microsoft.com

Both awards have also some topic in common. Both are focusing on giving value to others and keep on discussing actual and future innovations together with Microsoft.

Therefore, I love being an MVP & RD


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