Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Future of DocPush feature in SharePoint 2013

One of the most missing features in SharePoint Search is the option to push content direct to the index. In FAST ESP we have that functionality. Within FAST for SharePoint 2010 there was a tool called docpush.exe. Using this tool you can push content to the index. But this tool was not designed for productive use. There were several problems around this. For example if you push a document direct to the index using this tool and the crawler catches it also you have duplicates. During SPC14 the information came up that a push functionality for SharePoint 2013 search was already on the roadmap for SP1. Because of some unsolved problems it did not come with SP1. But this means it’s no longer a question if this function is coming – it’s only the question when it comes.

The function is no longer realized in a separate tool like the docpush.exe in FAST for SharePoint 2010. The function would be integrated as part of the SharePoint 2013 Search REST API. So there is a good changes that it also comes for SharePoint online. Locking forward what that all could mean for missing option to create own content sources for SharePoint Online. Stay patient. News are coming up soon.

3 Kommentare:

  1. Das wäre wirklich super, wenn das wieder reinkommt. Ein Feature auf das wir schon ewig warten. Damit kann man noch bessere Lösungen für die Endanwender erstellen!

  2. Do you if this Feature is included in Sp2013