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SharePoint Search – a look behind the scene Part III

Part III: SharePoint Search and BCS
(...which data is stored in context of crawled and managed properties in the SharePoint Search databases?)
In the second post of this series we see that the metadata shown in the result-set is stored in the SQL Server, even the data is coming from an extern BCS source. The given metadata like “name”, “description” etc. is stored in the PropertyBlob field explained in the first post. But this Blob only contains data which are part of the managed property “HitHighlightedSummary”. What happened now if we add a crawled property coming from a BCS source to a managed property?
We have an External Content Source called “LOB2”. This content source is connected to an SQL Server database called “MiCLAS_TEST”.
The External Content Source contains the table called “cis.Vorgang_z
If we now search for example the term “330114” witch is a value from the column “VorNummer” we get that result in SharePoint Search:
Catching the call with SQL Server Profiler (as described in Part II) and query it in SQL Server Management Studio it looks like this:
The PropertyBlob in this case contains the following data as varbinary:
If we know add crawled propertys to a managed propertys the PropertyBlob chaned1. So were are this informations stored used to generate the updated Property Blob? (The update happens while fullcrawling the content source) The answer is the table “dbo.MSSDocProps“ in the „Search_Service_Application_PropertyStoreDB“.

Lets have a look using the DocId 2056 from the call above:
(for a better undestrand I alsoadd the “FriendlyName” column from the table dbo.MSSManagedProperties to the query )

USE Search_Service_Application_PropertyStoreDB_b506dce49c514f8899ae51e503889885
SELECT v2.FriendlyName,
FROM dbo.MSSDocProps v1, Search_Service_Application_DB_dd13ba19a7bb4ffaafcc3e626e73c949.dbo.MSSManagedProperties v2
WHERE DocId = 2056
and v1.PID = v2.PID
Now I map some crawled property to managed properties:
After a full crawled I execute the query again:
In case of the “LOB2Date” and the “LOB2Cur” values you can see that the data is in the IIVal column. The “LOB2Bez” value is clear text in the strVal2 column. LOB2Date is a cryptic datetime value based on the datatype DateTime Structure. LOB2Cur is a decimal value.
1The updated PropertyBlob now contains the following:
So we see all the content contained in managed metadata is stored in the Search_Service_Application_PropertyStoreDB“ database, even the data is coming from an extern BCS source. This is intresting for some security issues  (there will be a separate post about this soon)and also for SQL Server maintainence and index defragmentaion. There is a very good article about this availibel on blogs.msdn: LINK
See the complete post inc. the hands-on lab as webcaste here:

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