Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2020

New Unified Labeling AIP client

The AIP Team announced details about the new Unified Labeling AIP client
A new public preview version is available:
There are a couple of new things in this version:
  • Dynamic content marking
  • Per app content making
  • Offline policy support
  • Protection removal for pst, msg and archive files

But still some to-dos left on to close the gaps between classic and UL client
  • Event log support. This is planned for Q2 2020
  • HYOK – customers using HYOK can contact Microsoft Support to join the private preview for new HYOK release.
  • New flow will be released later this year to enable end users to revoke protected documents and admins to track protected documents.
All the new features are shipped in Unified Labeling client only:
  • Improvements for migrations from 3rd party labeling solutions to MIP
  • Scanner improvements
    • Easier SharePoint on-premises and subsite discovery. Setting each specific site is no longer required.
    • Optimizations or SQL DB used by the scanner
    • Ability to stop scans

Montag, 6. Januar 2020

Goodbye Azur Information Protection

Deprecation of AIP Classic client and Label Management in Azure portal

Microsoft announced the deprecation of label management in Azure portal and AIP classic client:
What does it mean for you?
  • Label management in Azure portal will not be supported after March 31, 2021.
  • Customers should activate unified labeling and move to Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center.
  • AIP Classic client will not be supported after March 31, 2021.
  • Customers should use the built-in labeling in Office ProPlus as the preferred option or upgrade to AIP Unified Labeling Client. More Information about built-in sensitivity labels support in Office ProPlus here: LINK

Features not planned to be in the Azure Information Protection unified labeling client

Azure Information Protection unified labeling client is still under development, the following features from the classic client will not be available in future releases for the unified labeling client:
  • Custom permissions as a separate option that users can select in Office apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Track and revoke from Office apps and File Explorer
  • Information Protection bar title and tooltip
  • Protection-only mode (no labels) using templates
  • Protect PDF document as .ppdf format
  • Display the Do Not Forward button in Outlook
  • Demo policy
  • Justification for removing protection
  • Confirmation prompt Do you want to delete this label? for users when you don't use the policy setting for justification
  • Separate PowerShell cmdlets to connect to a Rights Management service
  • Features that Microsoft do not plan to ship for Unified Labeling are deprecated from March 31, 2021.

What should customers do if they use an AIP features that will not be available in Unified Labeling?

If a customer is using or waiting for features that are planned to ship like HYOK, Track and Revoke, Event Log for AIP Client etc. These customers can file a File for extended support. The form allows customers to ask for extended support. Details:
  • Customer must specify the reason for extended support and provide Microsoft with number of impacted users.
  • Customer must activate unified labeling before 3/31/2020 to be able to ask for extended support.
  • Customer must file the request for extended support before 3/31/2020.

Cloud 2020 - Reality Check and Announcements

Cloud 2020 - Reality Check and Announcements

If you read the current news on well-known platforms such as heise, CHIP,, or the cross-vendor and global IT trends 2020 are:
  • Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud
  • Cloud-native companies on the rise
  • Edge and IoT Computing, VR and AI
  • Data security and IT security
  • Increasing maturity and acceptance of cloud services

This summary also matches with the topics of the Gartner IT-Symposium/Xpo™.

Microsoft Predictions 2020

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap currently lists 121 features for the year 2020, including many small and specific innovations, but also topics of global interest such as: the Teams & Outlook Email Integration or the feature Multilingual Publishing for Modern Sites.

Microsoft President Brad Smith published an article on LinkedIn: Dawn of a Decade: The Top Ten Tech Policy Issues for the 2020s. Besides HighLevel topics like: "The role of technology in the race to fight climate change", the article also contains quite specific topics such as:
  • Data protection
  • Data and national sovereignty
  • Digital security
  • Ethics for artificial intelligence

And: the support for Windows 7 ends on 14 January 2020 😉

Download the complete article about Cloud 2020 including a reality check and announcements:

Download the English version for free: LINK

Kostenloser Download der Deutschen Version: LINK