Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

Experts Inside South Africa Event

Experts Inside South Africa invites you to an an exclusive event to showcase and discuss some of the latest offerings from Microsoft in the Office 365 and Hybrid ecosystems. We’ll be looking at some of the newest and most exciting Office 365 product, Teams, as well as practical guidance to better managing and levering experiences in Delve, Search, the Office Graph and more.

These sessions will be presented by two of Expert Inside’s principle consultants and MVPs, Hilton Giesenow (South Africa) and Nicki Borell (Germany). We look forward to seeing you there! 

Enterprise Search

Many excellent blog posts, interviews and videos about SharePoint and Office 365 search, Delve and Office Graph certainly
exist. This session differs by showing real-world customer scenarios and solutions including the user stories, end-user and
decision maker perspectives and how Delve formed the primary component of an Office 35-based global Intranet. Topics
include data security and privacy aspects and concerns. 

Microsoft Teams

Nearly 2 decades of enterprise social and collaboration technologies from Microsoft have resulted in what looks to be the
company’s most powerful, intuitive, integrated and mobile-capable toolset. Only just in it’s first release (Nov 216) it already
rivals market leaders like Slack, even surpassing it in some areas. Is this the Slack killer some claim? Will it replace Yammer
altogether? In this session we’ll see how Teams works and address and discuss these and other topics.

PnP Partner Pack – Microsoft’s Free Provisioning, Branding and Governance Toolset

The Office 365 Patterns and Practices team comprises experts from around the globe, both within and external to Microsoft,
who provide guidance, tools, libraries and scripts to better provision and maintain Office 365 and on premises SharePoint
sites, lists, libraries and more. One of their recent projects, the PnP Partner Pack, packages many of these existing solutions
into a free turnkey solution to manage provisioning, managing, maintaining and governing solutions, branding, responsive 
design and other elements across SharePoint, Groups, Yammer and other Office 365 workloads. This session examines 
aspects these and other aspects like like self service site creation, site templates and governance automation.

Samstag, 12. November 2016

Opt-in as a default for Delve

UPDATE: Sinc Jun 2017 this methode will not longer work!

Standard option for Delve in Office 365 is an opt-out option for each user. Details can be found in this Microsoft support article: Office Delve for Office 365 admins

A lot of scenarios with customers focusing on an option to not have Delve active per default for each user. In this scenario, an opt-in behavior for the end-users is the expected experience.

The high level requirements:
  • Initially disable Delve for each and every enrolled O356 User
  • For all new enrolled users Delve should be opt-out by defaul

This can be done disabling the access to the Office Graph in SharePoint Online Admin portal:

To enable the access to Delve only for some users we can use the property “OfficeGraphEnabled” in the UserProfile Service of SharePoint Online.
Default this property is not set which result in Delve is visible for every user.
Using CSOM or CSOM with PowerShell we can set this property to “FALSE”. The result is:
  • Every user sees Delve in his App Launcher in Office 365
  • If he clicks on Delve he only gets his Delve profile page. No “Suggested People” or content cards etc. is shown
  • The user can opt-in Delve on his own
  • General access to the Office Graph must be enabled in this scenario
Doing this the result for the user looks like this:

Write and Get User Profile Properties in SharePoint Online with PowerShell

To Write and Get of User Profile properties in SharePoint Online via PowerShell with CSOM you can use that script: Script to Write and Get User Profile Properties in SharePoint Online with CSOM
Based on this the command to set the property OfficeGraphEnabled to FALSE is:

.\Set-SPOUserProfileProperty.ps1 -PropertyName OfficeGraphEnabled -AccountName %USERNAME%@%YOUR' -Value "FALSE" -SPOAdminPortalUrl 'https://%YOUR' -UserName %ADMIN ACCOUNT%@%YOUR -Password xxxxxxxxx

To avoid the users to opt-in Delve we can set the property “OfficeGraphEnabled” in the UserProfile Service of SharePoint Online to “cannot be edit by user”.
Doings this the user cannot opt-in Delve on his own to see “Suggested People” or content cards etc. Only a Admin can opt-in Delve for the users.

NOTE that Delve and the Office Graph is based on user interaction with content and other people in the Office 365. So if only some users use it the results can be disappointing.

Delve and the Office Graph in a real World scenario

Short video interview about Delve and the Office Graph in a real World scenario

In this customer success story Delve is a main part of the new Intranet built on Office 365. More details can be found in this article: Natural cosmetics company cultivates holistic culture and collaboration with Office 365

Montag, 3. Oktober 2016

Explore PnP Partner Pack for IT pros, admins and architects

Here you can find the session recording of my Theater Session THR2073 at Ignite 2016 in Atlanta about PnP Partner Pack for IT pros, admins and architects.

THX Toni Pohl for the recording!

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

The Mobile and Intelligent Intranet

Post is based on video „The Mobile and Intelligent Intranet: SharePoint sites and PowerApps” from Microsoft Mechanics @ YouTube:

Microsoft SharePoint team plans to transform intranets into a mobile and intelligence powered experience. That means to combines the productivity of SharePoint team sites, the broadcast reach of publishing sites and portals, and the seamless integration of business apps. The goal is to find and access content from everywhere and on any device.
Learn about the new features and functions in this blogpost:


                    New mobile App
                    New SharePoint home in the App Launcher
                    New TeamSite UI powered by the Office Graph
                    Groups getting the full power of TeamSites
                    Updates to DocLibs and List
                    New Page creation with fluid and responsive authoring experience
                    PowerApps and Flow

Watch the Overview video:

SharePoint mobile App

                    Home Tab
o   Focused on News
o   Build on the Office Graph
o   Containing News from TeamSites, Blogs, etc.
                    Links Tab
o   Important Links like in „SharePoint“ tab in the App Launcher
                    Sites Tab
o   Build on the Office Graph
o   Frequently Tab
§  List of sites a user is using most often
o   Following Tab
§  My followed sites
o   Open a TeamSite from the mobile App
§  Focusing on NEWS (published by TeamSite owner) and ACTIVITY (build on the Office Graph)
§  Access the navigation / content of the sites
                    People Tab
o   Build on the Office Graph
o   Search for people
o   „Work With“ & „Work on“ information per person

Watch the SharePoint mobile App video:

SharePoint home

                    Card based design with preview of the sites
                    List of sites you follow
o   Same sites as you see in the mobile App
o   Based on the Office Graph
o   Same sites as you see in the mobile App
                    Create a new site
o   New dialog based process
§  TeamSite = content centric place for teams with DocBibs, List and Libraries
§  Publishing = for publish and broadcast content
                    Answering some simple questions
                    A Group is also created for the TeamSite to store conversations, using Planer etc.
                    Set policies and compliance rules
                    Set members for the new TeamSite

Watch the SharePoint home video:

The new TeamSite experience

                    UI can be fully customized
                    Every TeamSite is connected to an O365 Group
                    Group Member are shown directly on the landing page
                    „Go to Outlook“ link to see the Group conversations
                    News (same as on mobile App)
o   Can be configured by TeamSite members
                    Activity (same as on mobile App)
o   Build on the Office Graph

Watch the new TeamSite experience video:

Next generation Document Library

                    New UX
                    Basic actions like NEW, UPLOAD, SHARE direct on top
                    New visualization
                    Search box on top left corner
                    New LINK function to direct link videos or recent documents into a library
                    New for Power User
o   Content types and templates still available
o   Easy add news columns
o   New INFORMATION PANNEL to see and edit metadata
                    New filter, slice & dice UX
                    New pinning function
                    MOVE and COPY function
                    Custom toolbar actions still available
                    Document library can still be added as a Webpart to sites

Watch the next gen. Doc Lib video:

Modern pages and authoring experience

                    New page editing canvas which is ootb responsive
                    Background images are automatically formatted
                    Rich text editor for text
                    Embed documents based on WebApps
                    New Webparts based on PowerBI & the Office Graph
                    Group conversation Webpart
                    Can direct be used in the SharePoint mobile App

Watch the page and authoring video:

New SharePoint List experience

                    UX is similar to Document library
o   integrated in SharePoint Lists and also in Document libraries
o   Connect external content and information to SharePoint
o   Build workflows & business processes in SharePoint
o   integrated in SharePoint Lists and also in Document libraries
o   Can be used in a list as a view or as a Webpart on a page
o   Integrated with SharePoint mobile App

Watch the SharePoint Lists experience video:


Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016